Meaning of CO- in English

[co-] prefix [ME, fr. L, fr. com-; akin to OE ge-, perfective and collective prefix, OIr com- with] 1: with: together: joint: jointly "coexist" "coheir"

2: in or to the same degree "coextensive" 3 a: one that is associated in an action with another: fellow: partner "coauthor" "coworker" b: having a usu. lesser share in duty or responsibility: alternate: deputy "copilot"

4: of, relating to, or constituting the complement of an angle "cosine" "codeclination"co.act co.cap.tain co.chair co.chair.per.son co.cham.pi.on co.con.spir.a.tor co.coun.sel co.cre.ate co.cre.ator co.cul.ti.vate co.cul.ture co.di.rect co.di.rec.tion co.di.rec.tor co.ed.i.tor co.eter.nal co.fa.vor.ite co.fea.ture co.found co.head co.heir co.heir.ess co.join co.lead co.mem.ber co.nom.i.nee co-oc.cur co-oc.cur.rence co-own co.part.ner co.part.ner.ship co.pre.sent co.pres.i.dent co.prince co.pros.per.i.ty co.res.i.dent co.res.i.dent.tial co.script co.spon.sor co.spon.sor.ship co.sur.fac.tant co.ten.ant co.trans.duce co.trans.duc.tion co.trans.fer co.trans.port co.write

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