Meaning of CONSOLE in English


[con.sole] n [F] (1664) 1: an architectural member projecting from a wall to form a bracket or from a keystone for ornament

2: console table 3 a: an upright case which houses the keyboards and controlling mechanisms of an organ and from which the organ is played b: a combination of readouts or displays and an input device (as a keyboard or switches) by which an operator can monitor and interact with a system (as a computer or dubber)

4. a: a cabinet (as for a radio or television set) designed to rest directly on the floor b: a small storage cabinet between bucket seats in an automobile

[2]con.sole vt con.soled ; [F consoler, fr. L consolari, fr. com- + solari to console] (1693): to alleviate the grief, sense of loss, or trouble of: comfort "~ a widow" -- adv

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