Meaning of DEFINITION in English


[] n [ME diffinicioun, fr. MF definition, fr. L definition-, definitio, fr. definire] (14c) 1: an act of determining; specif: the formal proclamation of a Roman Catholic dogma

2. a: a statement expressing the essential nature of something b: a statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol "dictionary ~s" c: a product of defining

3: the action or process of defining

4. a: the action or the power of describing, explaining, or making definite and clear "the ~ of a telescope" "her comic genius is beyond ~" b (1): clarity of visual presentation: distinctness of outline or detail "high-definition television" (2): clarity esp. of musical sound in reproduction c: sharp demarcation of outlines or limits "a jacket with distinct waist ~" -- adj

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