Meaning of FILLET in English


[fil.let] also fi.let n [ME filet, fr. MF, dim. of fil thread--more at file] (14c) 1: a ribbon or narrow strip of material used esp. as a headband

2. a: a thin narrow strip of material b: a piece or slice of boneless meat or fish; esp: the tenderloin of beef 3 a: a concave junction formed where two surfaces meet (as at an angle) b: a strip that gives a rounded appearance to such a junction; also: a strip to reinforce the corner where two surfaces meet

4: a narrow flat architectural member: a: a flat molding separating others--see base illustration b: the space between two flutings in a shaft

[2]fil.let vt (1604) 1: to bind, furnish, or adorn with or as if with a fillet

2: to cut into fillets

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