Meaning of HARVEST in English

[har.vest] n, often attrib [ME hervest, fr. OE haerfest; akin to L carpere to pluck, gather, Gk karpos fruit] (bef. 12c) 1: the season for gathering in agricultural crops

2: the act or process of gathering in a crop 3 a: a mature crop (as of grain or fruit): yield b: the quantity of a natural product gathered in a single season "deer ~" "ice ~"

4: an accumulated store or productive result "a fantastic revenue ~ from lower tax rates --Peter Passell"

[2]harvest vt (15c) 1 a: to gather in (a crop): reap b: to gather, catch, hunt, or kill (as salmon, oysters, or deer) for human use, sport, or population control c: to remove or extract (as living cells, tissues, or organs) from culture or a living or recently deceased body esp. for transplanting

2. a: to accumulate a store of "has now ~ed this new generation's scholarly labors --M. J. Wiener" b: to win by achievement "the team ~ed several awards" ~ vi: to gather in a crop esp. for food -- har.vest.able adj -- har.vest.er n

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