Meaning of HOSE in English

[hose] n, pl hose or hos.es [ME, fr. OE hosa stocking, husk; akin to OHG hosa leg covering] (bef. 12c) 1 pl hose a (1): a cloth leg covering that sometimes covers the foot (2): stocking, sock b (1): a close-fitting garment covering the legs and waist that is usu. attached to a doublet by points (2): short breeches reaching to the knee

2: a flexible tube for conveying fluids (as from a faucet or hydrant)

[2]hose vt hos ed ; hos.ing (1889) 1: to spray, water, or wash with a hose--often used with down "~ down a stable floor"

2. slang a: to deprive of something due or expected: trick, cheat b: to shoot with automatic weapons fire

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