Meaning of -IST in English

[-ist] n suffix [ME -iste, fr. OF & L; OF -iste, fr. L -ista, -istes, fr. Gk -istes, fr. verbs in -izein -ize] 1 a: one that performs a (specified) action "cyclist": one that makes or produces a (specified) thing "novelist" b: one that plays a (specified) musical instrument "harpist" c: one that operates a (specified) mechanical instrument or contrivance "automobilist"

2: one that specializes in a (specified) art or science or skill "geologist" "ventriloquist"

3: one that adheres to or advocates a (specified) doctrine or system or code of behavior "socialist" "royalist" "hedonist" or that of a (specified) individual "Calvinist" "Darwinist"

[2]-ist adj suffix: of, relating to, or characteristic of "elitist"

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