Meaning of LATCH in English


[latch] vi [ME lachen, fr. OE laeccan; perh. akin to Gk lambanein to take, seize] (13c) 1: to lay hold with or as if with the hands or arms--used with on or onto

2: to associate oneself intimately and often artfully--used with on or onto "~ed onto a rich widow"

[2]latch n (13c): any of various devices in which mating mechanical parts engage to fasten but usu. not to lock something: a: a fastener (as for a door) consisting essentially of a pivoted bar that falls into a notch b: a fastener (as for a door) in which a spring slides a bolt into a hole; also: night latch [3]latch vt (15c): to make fast with or as if with a latch

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