Meaning of MOLD in English


[mold] n [ME, fr. OE molde; akin to OHG molta soil, L molere to grind--more at meal] (bef. 12c) 1: crumbling soft friable earth suited to plant growth: soil; esp: soil rich in humus--compare leaf mold

2. dial Brit a: the surface of the earth: ground b: the earth of the burying ground 3 archaic: earth that is the substance of the human body "be merciful great Duke to men of ~ --Shak."

[2]mold n [ME, modif. of OF modle, fr. L modulus, dim. of modus measure--more at mete] (13c) 1: distinctive nature or character: type

2: the frame on or around which an object is constructed 3 a: a cavity in which a substance is shaped: as (1): a matrix for casting metal (2): a form in which food is given a decorative shape b: a molded object

4: molding

5. a obs: an example to be followed b: prototype c: a fixed pattern: design [3]mold vt (14c) 1 archaic: to knead (dough) into a desired consistency or shape

2: to give shape to "the wind ~s the waves"

3: to form in a mold "~ candles"

4: to determine or influence the quality or nature of "~ public opinion"

5: to fit the contours of

6: to ornament with molding or carving "~ed picture frames" -- adj -- n [4]mold n [ME mowlde, perh. alter. of mowle, fr. moulen to grow moldy, of Scand origin; akin to ON mygla to grow moldy] (14c) 1: a superficial often woolly growth produced esp. on damp or decaying organic matter or on living organisms

2: a fungus (as of the order Mucorales) that produces mold [5]mold vi (1530): to become moldy

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