Meaning of RESIDUE in English


[res.i.due] n [ME, fr. MF residu, fr. L residuum, fr. neut. of residuus left over, fr. residere to remain] (14c): something that remains after a part is taken, separated, or designated: remnant, remainder: as a: the part of a testator's estate remaining after the satisfaction of all debts, charges, allowances, and previous devises and bequests b: the remainder after subtracting a multiple of a modulus from an integer or a power of the integer that can appear as the second of the two terms in an appropriate congruence "2 and

7. are ~s of 12 modulo 5" c: a constituent structural unit (as a group or monomer) of a usu. complex molecule "amino acid ~s from hydrolysis of protein"

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