Meaning of SEND in English

[send] vb sent ; [ME, fr. OE sendan; akin to OHG sendan to send, OE sith road, journey, OIr set path, way] vt (bef. 12c) 1: to cause to go: as a: to propel or throw in a particular direction b: deliver "sent a blow to the chin" c: drive "sent the ball between the goalposts"

2: to cause to happen "whatever fate may ~"

3: to dispatch by a means of communication

4. a: to direct, order, or request to go b: to permit or enable to attend a term or session "~ a daughter to college" c: to direct by advice or reference d: to cause or order to depart: dismiss

5. a: to force to go: drive away b: to cause to assume a specified state "sent them into a rage"

6: to cause to issue: as a: to pour out: discharge "clouds ~ing forth rain" b: utter "~ forth a cry" c: emit "sent out waves of perfume" d: to grow out (parts) in the course of development "a plant ~ing forth shoots" 7: to cause to be carried to a destination; esp: to consign to death or a place of punishment 8: to convey or cause to be conveyed or transmitted by an agent "~ a package by mail" "sent out invitations" 9: to strike or thrust so as to impel violently "sent him sprawling" 10: delight, thrill ~ vi 1 a: to dispatch someone to convey a message or do an errand--often used with out "~ out for pizza" b: to dispatch a request or order--often used with away

2: scend

3: transmit -- n -- send for : to request by message to come: summon -- send packing : to send off or dismiss roughly or in disgrace

[2]send n (1726): the lift of a wave

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