Meaning of SHUNT in English


[shunt] vb [ME, to flinch] vt (13c) 1 a: to turn off to one side: shift "was ~ed aside" b: to switch (as a train) from one track to another

2: to provide with or divert by means of an electrical shunt

3: to divert (blood) from one part to another by a surgical shunt

4: shuttle "~ed the missiles from shelter to shelter" ~ vi 1: to move to the side

2: to travel back and forth "~ed between the two towns" -- n

[2]shunt n (ca. 1859) 1: a means or mechanism for turning or thrusting aside: as a chiefly Brit: a railroad switch b: a conductor joining two points in an electrical circuit so as to form a parallel or alternative path through which a portion of the current may pass (as for regulating the amount passing in the main circuit) c: a surgical passage created between two blood vessels to divert blood from one part to another

2: an accident (as a collision between two cars) esp. in auto racing

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