Meaning of TELESCOPE in English


[tele.scope] n, often attrib [NL telescopium, fr. Gk teleskopos farseeing, fr. tele- tele- + skopos watcher; akin to Gk skopein to look--more at spy] (1648) 1: a usu. tubular optical instrument for viewing distant objects by means of the refraction of light rays through a lens or the reflection of light rays by a concave mirror--compare reflector, refractor

2: any of various tubular magnifying optical instruments

3: radio telescope

[2]telescope vb -scoped ; vi (1867) 1: to become forced together lengthwise with one part entering another as the result of collision

2: to slide or pass one within another like the cylindrical sections of a collapsible hand telescope

3: to become compressed or condensed ~ vt 1: to cause to telesco pe

2: compress, condense "the book arbitrarily ~s time and space, and as arbitrarily extends them --Phoebe Adams"

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