Meaning of TENT in English

[tent] n [ME tente, fr. OF, fr. L tenta, fem. of tentus, pp. of tendere to stretch--more at thin] (14c) 1: a collapsible shelter of fabric (as nylon or canvas) stretched and sustained by poles and used for camping outdoors or as a temporary building

2: dwelling 3 a: something that resembles a tent or that serves as a shelter; esp: a canopy or enclosure placed over the head and shoulders to retain vapors or oxygen during medical administration b: the web of a tent caterpillar -- tent.less adj -- tent.like adj

[2]tent vi (1607) 1: to reside for the time being: lodge

2: to live in a tent ~ vt 1: to cover with or as if with a tent

2: to lodge in tents [3]tent vt [ME, fr. tent attention, short for attent, fr. OF attente, fr. atendre to attend] (14c) chiefly Scot: to attend to

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