Meaning of TRY in English


[try] vb tried ; [ME trien, fr. AF trier, fr. OF, to pick out, sift, prob. fr. LL tritare to grind, freq. of L terere to rub--more at throw] vt (14c) 1 a: to examine or investigate judicially b (1): to conduct the trial of (2): to participate as counsel in the judicial examination of

2. a: to put to test or trial "~ one's luck"--often used with out b: to subject to something (as undue strain or excessive hardship or provocation) that tests the powers of endurance c: demonstrate, prove 3 a obs: purify, refine b: to melt down and procure in a pure state: render "~ out whale oil from blubber"

4: to fit or finish with accuracy

5: to make an attempt at--often used with an infinitive ~ vi: to make an attempt syn see afflict, attempt -- try one's hand : to attempt something for the first time

[2]try n, pl tries (1607) 1: an experimental trial: attempt

2: a play in rugby that is similar to a touchdown in football, scores usu. four points, and entitles the scoring side to attempt a placekick at the goal for additional points; also: the score made on a try

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