Meaning of VALVE in English

[valve] n [L valva; akin to L volvere to roll--more at voluble] (14c) 1 archaic: a leaf of a folding or double door

2. [NL valva, fr. L]: a structure esp. in a vein or lymphatic that closes temporarily a passage or orifice or permits movement of fluid in one direction only 3 a: any of numerous mechanical devices by which the flow of liquid, gas, or loose material in bulk may be started, stopped, or regulated by a movable part that opens, shuts, or partially obstructs one or more ports or passageways; also: the movable part of such a device b: a device in a brass instrument for quickly channeling air flow through an added length of tube in order to change the fundamental tone by some definite interval c chiefly Brit: electron tube

4. [NL valva, fr. L]: one of the distinct and usu. movably articulated pieces of which the shell of some shell-bearing animals (as lamellibranch mollusks, brachiopods, and barnacles) consists

5. [NL valva, fr. L] a: one of the segments or pieces into which a dehiscing capsule or legume separates b: the portion of various anthers (as of the barberry) resembling a lid c: one of the two encasing membranes of a diatom -- valved adj -- valve.less adj

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