Meaning of ACHROMATIC in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˌa-krə-ˈma-tik, (ˌ)ā- ]


Date: 1766

1. : refracting light without dispersing it into its constituent colors : giving images practically free from extraneous colors

an achromatic telescope

2. : not readily colored by the usual staining agents

3. : possessing no hue : being or involving black, gray, or white : neutral

achromatic visual sensations

4. : being without accidentals or modulation : diatonic

• ach·ro·mat·i·cal·ly -ti-k(ə-)lē adverb

• achro·ma·tism (ˌ)ā-ˈkrō-mə-ˌti-zəm, a- noun

• achro·ma·tize (ˌ)ā-ˈkrō-mə-ˌtīz, a- transitive verb

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