Meaning of ADAMS in English


I. ˈa-dəmz biographical name

Ansel Easton 1902-1984 American photographer

II. biographical name

Charles Francis 1807-1886 son of J.Q. American author & diplomat

III. biographical name

Franklin Pierce 1881-1960 known as F.P.A. American journalist

IV. biographical name

Henry Brooks 1838-1918 son of C.F. American historian

V. biographical name

John 1735-1826 American diplomat; 2d president of the United States (1797-1801)

VI. biographical name

John Quin·cy ˈkwin-zē, ˈkwin(t)-sē 1767-1848 son of John 6th president of the United States (1825-29)

VII. biographical name

Maude 1872-1953 originally Maude Kiskadden American actress

VIII. biographical name

Samuel 1722-1803 American Revolutionary patriot

IX. biographical name

Samuel Hopkins 1871-1958 American author

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