Meaning of ARITHMETIC in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ə-ˈrith-mə-ˌtik ]


Etymology: Middle English arsmetrik, from Anglo-French arismatike, from Latin arithmetica, from Greek arithmētikē, from feminine of arithmētikos arithmetical, from arithmein to count, from arithmos number; akin to Old English rīm number, and perhaps to Greek arariskein to fit

Date: 15th century


a. : a branch of mathematics that deals usually with the nonnegative real numbers including sometimes the transfinite cardinals and with the application of the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to them

b. : a treatise on arithmetic

2. : computation , calculation

• ar·ith·met·ic ˌer-ith-ˈme-tik, ˌa-rith or ar·ith·met·i·cal -ti-kəl adjective

• ar·ith·met·i·cal·ly -ti-k(ə-)lē adverb

• arith·me·ti·cian ə-ˌrith-mə-ˈti-shən noun

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