Meaning of BUFFALO in English

I. ˈbə-fə-ˌlō noun

( plural -lo or -loes also -los )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Italian bufalo & Spanish búfalo, from Late Latin bufalus, alteration of Latin bubalus, from Greek boubalos African gazelle

Date: 1562

1. : any of several wild bovids: as

a. : water buffalo

b. : Cape buffalo


(1) : any of a genus ( Bison ) of bovids ; especially : a large shaggy-maned North American bovid ( B. bison ) that has short horns and heavy forequarters with a large muscular hump and that was formerly abundant on the central and western plains — compare wisent

(2) : the flesh of the buffalo used as food

2. : any of several suckers (genus Ictiobus ) found mostly in the Mississippi valley — called also buffalo fish


buffalo 1c(1)


II. transitive verb

( -loed ; -lo·ing )

Date: 1891

: bewilder , baffle ; also : bamboozle

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