Meaning of CATHODE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈka-ˌthōd ]


Etymology: Greek kathodos way down, from kata- + hodos way

Date: 1834

1. : the electrode of an electrochemical cell at which reduction occurs:

a. : the negative terminal of an electrolytic cell

b. : the positive terminal of a galvanic cell

2. : the electron-emitting electrode of an electron tube ; broadly : the negative electrode of a diode — compare anode

• cath·od·al ˈka-ˌthō-d ə l adjective

• cath·od·al·ly adverb

• ca·thod·ic ka-ˈthä-dik, -ˈthō- adjective

• ca·thod·i·cal·ly -di-k(ə-)lē adverb

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