Meaning of CUBE in English


I. cube ˈkyüb noun

Etymology: Latin cubus, from Greek kybos die, cube

Date: 1551


a. : the regular solid of six equal square sides — see volume table

b. : something shaped like a cube

ice cube

c. : cubicle 2

2. : the product of a number multiplied by itself twice

II. cube adjective

Date: 1570

: raised to the third power

III. cube transitive verb

( cubed ; cub·ing )

Date: 1588

1. : to raise to the third power

2. : to form into a cube

3. : to cut partly through (a steak) in a checkered pattern to increase tenderness by breaking the fibers

• cub·er noun

IV. cu·be noun

or cu·bé ˈkyü-ˌbā, kyü-ˈ

Etymology: American Spanish cubé

Date: 1924

: any of several tropical American plants (genus Lonchocarpus ) furnishing rotenone

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