Meaning of DISJUNCT in English


I. dis-ˈjəŋ(k)t adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin disjunctus, past participle of disjungere to disjoin

Date: 15th century

: marked by separation of or from usually contiguous parts or individuals: as

a. : discontinuous

b. : relating to melodic progression by intervals larger than a major second — compare conjunct

II. ˈdis-ˌjəŋ(k)t, dis-ˈ noun

Date: 1921

1. : any of the alternatives that make up a logical disjunction

2. : an adverb or adverbial (as luckily in “Luckily we had an extra set” or in short in “In short, there is nothing we can do”) that is loosely connected to a sentence and conveys the speaker's or writer's comment on its content, truth, or manner — compare adjunct 2b

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