Meaning of DREDGE in English


I. ˈdrej verb

( dredged ; dredg·ing )

Date: 1508

transitive verb


a. : to dig, gather, or pull out with or as if with a dredge — often used with up

b. : to deepen (as a waterway) with a dredging machine

2. : to bring to light by deep searching — often used with up

dredging up memories

intransitive verb

1. : to use a dredge

2. : to search deeply

• dredg·er noun

II. noun

Etymology: perhaps from Old English * drecge; akin to Old English dræge dragnet, dragan to draw

Date: 1602

1. : an apparatus usually in the form of an oblong iron frame with an attached bag net used especially for gathering fish and shellfish

2. : a machine for removing earth usually by buckets on an endless chain or a suction tube

3. : a barge used in dredging

III. transitive verb

( dredged ; dredg·ing )

Etymology: obsolete dredge, noun, sweetmeat, from Middle English drage, drege, from Anglo-French dragee, modification of Latin tragemata sweetmeats, from Greek tragēmata, plural of tragēma sweetmeat, from trōgein to gnaw

Date: 1596

: to coat (food) by sprinkling (as with flour)

• dredg·er noun

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