Meaning of INTEGRAL in English

I. ˈin-ti-grəl ( usually so in mathematics ); in-ˈte-grəl also -ˈtē- also ÷ˈin-trə-gəl adjective

Date: 1551


a. : essential to completeness : constituent

an integral part of the curriculum


(1) : being, containing, or relating to one or more mathematical integers

(2) : relating to or concerned with mathematical integrals or integration

c. : formed as a unit with another part

a seat with integral headrest

2. : composed of integral parts

3. : lacking nothing essential : entire

• in·te·gral·i·ty ˌin-tə-ˈgra-lə-tē noun

• in·te·gral·ly ˈin-ti-grə-lē; in-ˈte-grə- also -ˈtē- adverb

II. noun

Date: circa 1741

: the result of a mathematical integration — compare definite integral , indefinite integral

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