Meaning of INVERSE in English


I. (ˌ)in-ˈvərs, ˈin-ˌ adjective

Etymology: Middle English, turned upside down, from Latin inversus, from past participle of invertere

Date: 15th century

1. : opposite in order, nature, or effect

2. : being an inverse function

inverse sine

II. noun

Date: circa 1681

1. : something of a contrary nature or quality : opposite , reverse

2. : a proposition or theorem formed by contradicting both the subject and predicate or both the hypothesis and conclusion of a given proposition or theorem

the inverse of “if A then B” is “if not-A then not-B”

— compare contrapositive


a. : inverse function ; also : an operation (as subtraction) that undoes the effect of another operation

b. : a set element that is related to another element in such a way that the result of applying a given binary operation to them is an identity element of the set

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