Meaning of NETHERLANDS in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈne-thər-ləndz ]

geographical name

1. : Low Countries — a historical usage

2. or the Netherlands or Hol·land ˈhä-lənd or Dutch Ne·der·land ˈnā-dər-ˌlänt country NW Europe on North Sea; a kingdom, official capital Amsterdam, de facto capital The Hague area 16,033 square miles (41,525 square kilometers ), population 15,009,000

• Neth·er·land ˈne-thər-lənd adjective

• Neth·er·land·er -ˌlan-dər, -lən- noun

• Neth·er·land·ic -ˌlan-dik adjective

• Neth·er·land·ish -ˌlan-dish, -lən- adjective

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