Meaning of CONGRUENT in English


Synonyms and related words :

accordant, affirmative, agreeable, agreeing, answerable, at one, coequal, coexistent, coexisting, coextensive, coherent, coincident, coincidental, coinciding, commensurate, compatible, concordant, concurring, conformable, congenial, congruous, consentaneous, consentient, consistent, consonant, cooperating, cooperative, correspondent, corresponding, coterminous, en rapport, equal, equivalent, harmonious, in accord, in agreement, in rapport, in sync, in synchronization, inaccordance, inharmony, like-minded, of a piece, of like mind, of one mind, on all fours, positive, proportionate, reconcilable, self-consistent, symbiotic, synchronized, synchronous, synonymous, unanimous, uniform, unisonant, unisonous,

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .