Meaning of FLUTED in English


Synonyms and related words :

canaliculate, canaliculated, chamfered, channeled, corduroy, corduroyed, corrugate, corrugated, costate, creased, crimped, cut, dadoed, dog-eared, doubled, engraved, flexible, flounced, foldable, folded, folding, furrowed, gashed, gathered, goffered, gouged, grooved, incised, plaited, pleated, pliable, plicate, plicated, plicatile, quilled, rabbeted, ribbed, rifled, ruffled, rutted, rutty, scored, scratched, slit, striated, sulcate, sulcated, troughed, tucked, twilled, wrinkled

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .