Meaning of INSULATION in English


Synonyms and related words :

Jim Crow, aegis, alien, apartheid, buffer, bulwark, bumper, color bar, contraceptive, copyright, crash helmet, cushion, dashboard, division, dodger, ethnocentrism, exclusiveness, face mask, fender, finger guard, foot guard, foreigner, fuse, goggles, governor, guard, guardrail, hand guard, handrail, hard hat, helmet, insularity, interlock, isolation, knee guard, know-nothingism, knuckle guard, laminated glass, life preserver, lifeline, lightning conductor, lightning rod, mask, mudguard, narrowness, nose guard, out-group, outcast, outsider, pad, padding, palladium, parochialism, patent, persona non grata, pilot, preventive, prophylactic, protective clothing, protective umbrella, quarantine, race hatred, racial segregation, safeguard, safety, safety glass, safety plug, safety rail, safety shoes, safety switch, safety valve, screen, seat belt, seclusion, segregation, separation, shield, shin guard, snobbishness, stranger, sun helmet, tightness, umbrella, windscreen, windshield, xenophobia

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