Meaning of LEAVED in English


Synonyms and related words :

aestival, beryl-green, berylline, blue-green, bluish-green, bowery, branched, branching, branchy, chartreuse, chloranemic, chlorine, chlorotic, citrine, citrinous, emerald, foliaged, foliate, foliated, foliose, glaucescent, glaucous, glaucous-green, grassy, green, green as grass, green-blue, greenish, greenish-blue, greenish-yellow, greensick, holly, ivy, ivy-green, leafy, leavy, olivaceous, olive, olive-green, porraceous, ramate, ramified, ramose, ramous, smaragdine, springlike, summerlike, summery, twiggy, verdant, verdurous, vernal, vernant, vert, virescent, yellowish-green

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