Meaning of ROASTING in English


Synonyms and related words :

ardent, ass-reaming, baking, banter, bantering, barbecuing, basting, bawling-out, blistering, boiling, booing, braising, brewing, broil, broiling, burning, burning hot, canicular, catcalling, catering, chaffing, chewing, cookery, cooking, cuisine, culinary science, cussing-out, derision, derisive, derisory, domestic science, dressing, dressing-down, ebullient, feverish, fleering, flippancy, flippant, flushed, fooling, frying, going-over, grilling, grinning, hazing, heated, hissing, home economics, hooting, hot, hot as fire, hot as hell, jacking-up, jeering, jesting, joking, jollying, joshing, kidding, leering, levity, like a furnace, like an oven, mockery, mocking, nutrition, overheated, overwarm, pan-broiling, panning, parching, piping hot, poaching, quizzical, ragging, railing, raillery, raking-down, rallying, razzing, reaming, reaming-out, red-hot, ribbing, ridicule, ridiculing, sauteing, scalding, scoffing, scorching, searing, seething, setdown, shirring, simmering, sizzling hot, smart, smart-aleckiness, smart-alecky, smart-ass, smartness, smirking, smoking hot, sneering, snickering, sniggering, snorting, speaking-to, steeping, stewing, sudorific, sweating, sweaty, sweltering, sweltry, talking-to, taunting, teasing, toasting, torrid, twitting, what-for, white-hot

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