Meaning of SCRAGGY in English


Synonyms and related words :

Lilliputian, Tom Thumb, angular, asperous, bony, corrugated, cragged, craggy, crinkled, crumpled, dumpy, dwarf, dwarfed, dwarfish, elfin, flat, flat-chested, fleshless, gangling, gangly, gaunt, gawky, gravelly, harsh, incipient, ironbound, jagged, jaggy, lank, lanky, lean, lean-fleshed, lean-looking, meager, midget, nanoid, pygmy, ragged, rawboned, rockbound, rocky, rudimental, rudimentary, rugged, rugose, rugous, runty, saw-toothed, sawtooth, scabrous, scragged, scraggly, scrawny, scrubby, serrate, serrated, shriveled, shrunk, shrunken, skeletal, skinny, snagged, snaggled, snaggy, spare, spidery, spindling, spindly, squat, stony, stunted, thin-bellied, thin-fleshed, twiggy, undersize, undersized, underweight, uneven, unlevel, unsmooth, wizened, wrinkled

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .