Meaning of TRADITION in English


Synonyms and related words :

Mishnah, Spiritus Mundi, Sunna, Talmud, ancient wisdom, archetypal myth, archetypal pattern, belief, birthright, bon ton, charm, common law, conformity, consuetude, convention, credo, creed, culture, custom, doctrine, established way, ethic, etiquette, faith, fashion, folk motif, folklore, folktale, folkway, form, habit, heritage, immemorial usage, institution, legend, lore, manner, manners, mores, myth, mythology, mythos, observance, orthodoxy, popular belief, practice, praxis, prescription, proper thing, racial memory, religion, religious belief, religious faith, rite, ritual, social convention, spell, standard behavior, standard usage, standing custom, superstition, superstitiousness, system of beliefs, teaching, theology, time-honored practice, traditionalism, traditionality, unwritten law, usage, use, way, what is done, wont, wonting

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