Meaning of WEATHER VANE in English

Synonyms and related words :

April showers, Proteus, aerological instrument, anemograph, anemometer, anemometrograph, anemoscope, aneroid barometer, aneroidograph, barograph, barometer, barometrograph, chameleon, cloud shapes, cock, feeler, glass, hurricane-hunter aircraft, hygrometer, kaleidoscope, mercury, moon, pilot balloon, probe, quicksilver, radiosonde, random sample, recording barometer, rolling stone, sample, shifting sands, sound, sounder, straw vote, the weather, trial balloon, vacuometer, vane, water, weather balloon, weather instrument, weather satellite, weathercock, weatherglass, wheel of fortune, whirligig, wind cone, wind indicator, wind sock, wind vane, wind-speed indicator

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