Meaning of ACCEPTABLE in English

/ əkˈseptəbl; NAmE / adjective


agreed or approved of by most people in a society :

Children must learn socially acceptable behaviour.


acceptable (to sb) that sb agrees is of a good enough standard or allowed :

We want a political solution that is acceptable to all parties.

For this course a pass in English at grade B is acceptable.

Air pollution in the city had reached four times the acceptable levels.


not very good but good enough :

The food was acceptable, but no more.

OPP unacceptable

►  ac·cept·abil·ity / əkˌseptəˈbɪləti; NAmE / noun [ U ]

►  ac·cept·ably / -bli; NAmE / adverb



late Middle English : from Old French , from late Latin acceptabilis , from acceptare , frequentative of accipere take something to oneself, from ad- to + capere take.

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