Meaning of AGENT in English

/ ˈeɪdʒənt; NAmE / noun


a person whose job is to act for, or manage the affairs of, other people in business, politics, etc. :

an insurance agent

Our agent in New York deals with all US sales.

—see also estate agent , land agent , travel agent


a person whose job is to arrange work for an actor, musician, sports player etc. or to find sb who will publish a writer's work :

a theatrical / literary agent

—see also press agent


= secret agent :

an enemy agent

—see also double agent , special agent


( formal ) a person or thing that has an important effect on a situation :

The charity has been an agent for social change.


( technical ) a chemical or a substance that produces an effect or a change or is used for a particular purpose :

cleaning / oxidizing agents


( grammar ) the person or thing that does an action (expressed as the subject of an active verb, or in a 'by' phrase with a passive verb)

—compare patient

—see also free agent



late Middle English (in the sense someone or something that produces an effect ): from Latin agent- doing, from agere .

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