Meaning of AUTOMATIC in English

/ ˌɔːtəˈmætɪk; NAmE / adjective , noun

■ adjective


( of a machine, device, etc. ) having controls that work without needing a person to operate them :

automatic doors

a fully automatic driverless train

automatic transmission (= in a car, etc.)

an automatic rifle (= one that continues to fire as long as the trigger is pressed)


done or happening without thinking

SYN instinctive :

Breathing is an automatic function of the body.

My reaction was automatic.


always happening as a result of a particular action or situation :

A fine for this offence is automatic.

►  auto·mat·ic·al·ly / -kli; NAmE / adverb :

The heating switches off automatically.

I turned left automatically without thinking.

You will automatically get free dental treatment if you are under 18.

■ noun


a gun that can fire bullets continuously as long as the trigger is pressed


( BrE ) a car with a system of gears that operates without direct action from the driver

—compare stick shift



mid 18th cent.: from Greek automatos acting of itself, from autos self. + -ic .

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