Meaning of BROADCAST in English


/ ˈbrɔːdkɑːst; NAmE -kæst/ verb , noun

■ verb ( broad·cast , broad·cast )


to send out programmes on television or radio :

[ vn ]

The concert will be broadcast live (= at the same time as it takes place) tomorrow evening.

[ v ]

They began broadcasting in 1922.


[ vn ] to tell a lot of people about sth :

I don't like to broadcast the fact that my father owns the company.

■ noun

a radio or television programme :

( BrE )

a party political broadcast (= for example, before an election)

We watched a live broadcast of the speech (= one shown at the same time as the speech was made) .



mid 18th cent. (in the sense sown by scattering ): from broad + the past participle of cast throw . Senses relating to radio and television date from the early 20th cent.

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