Meaning of CORE in English

/ kɔː(r); NAmE / noun , adjective , verb

■ noun


the hard central part of a fruit such as an apple, that contains the seeds

—picture at apple


the central part of an object :

the earth's core

the core of a nuclear reactor


the most important or central part of sth :

the core of the argument

Concern for the environment is at the core of our policies.


a small group of people who take part in a particular activity :

He gathered a small core of advisers around him.

—see also hard core


- to the core

■ adjective


most important; main or essential :

core subjects (= subjects that all the students have to study) such as English and mathematics

the core curriculum

We need to concentrate on our core business .

The use of new technology is core to our strategy.


core beliefs, values, principles, etc. the most important or central beliefs, etc. of a person or group :

The party is losing touch with its core values.


used to describe the most important members of a group :

The team is built around a core group of players.

■ verb

[ vn ] to take out the core of a fruit



Middle English : of unknown origin.

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