Meaning of DECORATE in English


/ ˈdekəreɪt; NAmE / verb


[ vn ] decorate sth (with sth) to make sth look more attractive by putting things on it :

They decorated the room with flowers and balloons.

The cake was decorated to look like a car.


( especially BrE ) to put paint, wallpaper , etc. on the walls and ceilings of a room or house :

[ v ]

I hate decorating.

He has his own painting and decorating business.

[ vn ]

We need to decorate the sitting room.

The sitting room needs decorating.


[ vn ] to be placed on sth in order to make it look more attractive

SYN adorn :

Photographs of actors decorated the walls of the restaurant.


[ vn ] [ usually passive ] decorate sb (for sth) to give sb a medal as a sign of respect for sth they have done



mid 16th cent. (in the sense to grace or honour ): from Latin decoratus embellished (past participle of decorare ), from decus , decor- beauty, honour, or embellishment.

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