Meaning of DEPENDENCE in English


/ dɪˈpendəns; NAmE / noun [ U ]


dependence (on / upon sb/sth) the state of needing the help and support of sb/sth in order to survive or be successful :

his dependence on his parents

Our relationship was based on mutual dependence.

the dependence of Europe on imported foods

financial / economic dependence

OPP independence


(also de·pend·ency ) the state of being addicted to sth (= unable to stop taking or using it) :

drug / alcohol dependence


dependence of A and B ( technical ) the fact of one thing being affected by another :

the close dependence of soil and landforms



late Middle English (in the sense hanging down or something that hangs down ): from Old French dependance , from the verb dependre , from Latin dependere , from de- down + pendere hang.

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