Meaning of DETACH in English

/ dɪˈtætʃ; NAmE / verb


detach (sth) (from sth) to remove sth from sth larger; to become separated from sth :

[ vn ]

Detach the coupon and return it as soon as possible

One of the panels had become detached from the main structure.

[ v ]

The skis should detach from the boot if you fall.

—compare attach


[ vn ] detach yourself (from sb/sth) ( formal ) to leave or separate yourself from sb/sth :

She detached herself from his embrace.

( figurative )

I tried to detach myself from the reality of these terrible events.


[ vn ] ( technical ) to send a group of soldiers, etc. away from the main group, especially to do special duties



late 16th cent. (in the sense discharge a gun ): from French détacher , earlier destacher , from des- (expressing reversal) + attacher attach.

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