Meaning of EXTRAPOLATE in English

/ ɪkˈstræpəleɪt; NAmE / verb

extrapolate (sth) (from / to sth) ( formal ) to estimate sth or form an opinion about sth, using the facts that you have now and that are valid for one situation and supposing that they will be valid for the new one :

[ v ]

The figures were obtained by extrapolating from past trends.

[ vn ]

We have extrapolated these results from research done in other countries.

►  ex·trapo·la·tion / ɪkˌstræpəˈleɪʃn; NAmE / noun [ U , C ]:

Their age can be determined by extrapolation from their growth rate.



late 19th cent.: from extra- outside + a shortened form of interpolate .

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