Meaning of FILM in English

/ fɪlm; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun



[ C ] ( especially BrE ) ( NAmE usually movie ) a series of moving pictures recorded with sound that tells a story, shown on television or at the cinema / movie theater :

Let's go to the cinema— there's a good film on this week.

Let's stay in and watch a film .

a horror / documentary / feature film

a silent film (= one recorded without sound)

an international film festival

a film crew / critic / director / producer

the film version of the novel

to make / shoot a film


[ U ] ( especially BrE ) ( NAmE usually the movies [ pl. ]) ( BrE also the cin·ema ) the art or business of making films / movies :

to study film and photography

the film industry

—compare cinema


[ U ] moving pictures of real events, shown for example on television

SYN footage :

television news film of the riots

The accident was captured / caught on film .



[ U , C ] thin plastic that is sensitive to light, used for taking photographs and making films / movies; a roll of this plastic, used in cameras :

a roll of film

a 35mm film

She put a new film in her camera.

to have a film developed



[ C , usually sing. ] film (of sth) a thin layer of sth, usually on the surface of sth else

SYN coat , coating , layer :

Everything was covered in a film of dust.

—see also cling film

■ verb

to make a film / movie of a story or a real event :

[ v ]

They are filming in Moscow right now.

[ vn ]

The show was filmed on location in New York.

[ vn -ing ]

Two young boys were filmed stealing CDs on the security video.

►  film·ing noun [ U ]:

Filming was delayed because of bad weather.



Old English filmen membrane , of West Germanic origin.

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