Meaning of HARDEN in English


/ ˈhɑːdn; NAmE ˈhɑːrdn/ verb


to become or make sth become firm, stiff or solid :

[ v ]

The varnish takes a few hours to harden.

[ vn ]

a method for hardening and preserving wood


if your voice, face, etc. hardens , or you harden it, it becomes more serious or severe :

[ v ]

Her face hardened into an expression of hatred.

[ vn ]

He hardened his voice when he saw she wasn't listening.


if sb's feelings or attitudes harden or sb/sth hardens them, they become more fixed and determined :

[ v ]

Public attitudes to the strike have hardened.

Their suspicions hardened into certainty.

[ vn ]

The incident hardened her resolve to leave the company.


[ vn ] [ usually passive ] to make sb less kind or less affected by extreme situations :

Joe sounded different, hardened by the war.

They were hardened criminals (= they showed no regret for their crimes) .

In this job you have to harden your heart to pain and suffering.

►  hard·en·ing noun [ U , sing. ]:

hardening of the arteries

a hardening of attitudes towards one-parent families

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