Meaning of HOPEFUL in English

/ ˈhəʊpfl; NAmE ˈhoʊp-/ adjective , noun

■ adjective


[ not usually before noun ] hopeful (that ... ) | hopeful (about sth) ( of a person ) believing that sth you want will happen

SYN optimistic :

I feel hopeful that we'll find a suitable house very soon.

He is not very hopeful about the outcome of the interview.

( BrE )

She is hopeful of returning to work soon.

OPP pessimistic


[ only before noun ] ( of a person's behaviour ) showing hope :

a hopeful smile


( of a thing ) making you believe that sth you want will happen; bringing hope

SYN promising :

The latest trade figures are a hopeful sign.

The future did not seem very hopeful.

►  hope·ful·ness noun [ U ]

■ noun

a person who wants to succeed at sth :

50 young hopefuls are trying for a place in the England team.

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