Meaning of IMPLICATION in English


/ ˌɪmplɪˈkeɪʃn; NAmE / noun


[ C , usually pl. ] implication (for / of sth) a possible effect or result of an action or a decision :

The development of the site will have implications for the surrounding countryside.

They failed to consider the wider implications of their actions.


[ C , U ] something that is suggested or indirectly stated (= sth that is implied) :

The implication in his article is that being a housewife is greatly inferior to every other occupation.

He criticized the Director and, by implication , the whole of the organization.


[ U ] implication (of sb) (in sth) the fact of being involved, or of involving sb, in sth, especially a crime

SYN involvement :

He resigned after his implication in a sex scandal.



late Middle English (in the sense entwining, being entwined ): from Latin implicatio(n-) , from the verb implicare , from in- in + plicare to fold.

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