Meaning of MINDED in English

/ ˈmaɪndɪd; NAmE / adjective


(used with adjectives to form compound adjectives) having the way of thinking, the attitude or the type of character mentioned :

a fair-minded employer

high-minded principles

I appeal to all like-minded people to support me.

—see also absent-minded , bloody-minded , single-minded


(used with adverbs to form compound adjectives) having the type of mind that is interested in or able to understand the areas mentioned :

I'm not very politically minded.


(used with nouns to form compound adjectives) interested in or enthusiastic about the thing mentioned :

a reform-minded government


[ not before noun ] minded (to do sth) ( formal ) wishing or intending to do sth

SYN inclined :

She was minded to accept their offer.

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