Meaning of PREDICTABLE in English


/ prɪˈdɪktəbl; NAmE / adjective


if sth is predictable , you know in advance that it will happen or what it will be like :

a predictable result

The ending of the book was entirely predictable.

In March and April, the weather is much less predictable.


(often disapproving ) behaving or happening in a way that you would expect and therefore boring :

He's very nice, but I find him rather dull and predictable.

►  pre·dict·abil·ity / prɪˌdɪktəˈbɪləti; NAmE / noun [ U ]

►  pre·dict·ably / -əbli; NAmE / adverb :

Prices were predictably high.

Predictably, the new regulations proved unpopular.

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